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Mediation Services


Mediation services to help you achieve better outcomes

Neutral support to help you move forward


Mediation is used for conflict resolution across many types of disputes.


We have experienced Dispute Resolution Professionals who always go the extra mile for our clients.


Our Mediation services are client-focused, simple to use, and effective at moving parties forward. Please read our information below to discover how mediation can help you and your situation.


Please contact us to discuss your situation and we will help you to navigate your available options.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is an assisted conversation or discussion between two or more people in conflict. Your mediator facilitates an open, confidential, and equal platform for you to find pragmatic and party-centric ways to move forward. Mediation is used in a wide variety of situations at work, at home, and in business. One of the key features of mediation is that the parties are in control of and empowered to decide their own outcomes.


The key aspects you need to know about mediation


  1. You are in control of the process. Mediation is a form of dispute resolution which puts the parties in control of the process and outcomes.

  2. Mediation is a neutrally assisted conversation whereby your mediator will provide a safe and confidential space to explore the issues and agree a way forward.

  3. Mediation does not create a legally binding agreement. However, parties will set out the terms of any such outcomes and sign a Mediation Agreement. This can be converted into a Consent Order through the court, if necessary, though there is rarely an issue with enforceability.

  4. Mediation is not a legal process. It is flexible and party-focused, and parties can agree pragmatic outcomes which a court or tribunal cannot.

  5. Mediation can take place in person or remotely. We provide an online mediation service which is just as effective as in-person mediation.  

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What are the key benefits of Mediation?

Mediation is quicker and more cost-effective than litigation


Time and cost savings with Mediation

Going through litigation can take many months (if not years) and by the time a decision is made by the judge, thousands of pounds will have been spent on case preparation and advocacy (even if you are a litigant in person).


During this time you are wasting valuable time and resources. Furthermore, legal processes are emotionally draining and stressful to go through.

Mediation is generally quicker than other forms of dispute resolution

Mediation can be conducted within a relatively short period of time - in as little as two weeks from your initial enquiry.


The process can be as short as a few hours or take a day or two, depending on the complexities of the case and issues to be resolved.


Do lawyers need to be involved with Mediation?

You can choose to have professionals support you but it is often more effective with just the people involved. Mediation is not about reviewing evidence or legal arguments; it is about agreeing outcomes and looking to the future.


Your mediator will ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to speak and be heard in a safe and controlled environment.  

Your Mediator will ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak and be heard in a safe and controlled environment
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