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Landlord & Tenant

"Helping Tenants & Landlords when they need it most"

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Tenants of Private Residential Properties, Flats and Houses

So, you have just moved into your flat or house; maybe it’s the first time you have ever rented, or your first time away from home, and everything has been going great until a neighbour complains or you have a dispute over something you have damaged or broken, and you receive a letter from the landlord. What do you do next?

Our highly experienced Legal Advisory Consultants for Private Tenants are an affordable solution, saving you time and money as well as taking the stress and worry out of renting your home or flat.

Are you looking for Legal Advice? Or do you need guidance and advice and reassurance that you are doing things right? Or maybe you're just looking for someone to check your legal documents and agreements for you?

Business Meeting

So, how can we help you!

  • Advice on becoming a tenant for the first time

  • Help with the Legal Jargon in your agreement

  • Legal Advice on an issue you have with your Landlord

  • A one off draft of a Legal Letter

  • Helping with agreements

  • How the Law applies to you

  • Assistance and Advice if you face Eviction

  • Assistance and guidance in making a money claim

  • Conflict Resolution Coaching

  • Mediation Services

Whatever your needs we can design a bespoke package just for you and your requirements

Find out more now by contacting us for an informal no obligation chat. What have you got to lose?

Business Meeting

Landlords and Tenants of Private and Commercial Properties 

You're outsourced solutions to your biggest problems.'

Why pay a Solicitor £££££ for a service, when you can get a personalised, professional service for less?

You get a dedicated Highly Specialised Landlord Legal Advisory Consultant that can offer you many services to help in your business.

Whether it be an established business or a new business just starting out. We are here to help you.

Landlord and Tenant Legal Consultants

  • How to set up as a landlord for the first time

  • How to understand a Commercial Lease or tenancy

  • What you need to make sure is in your tenancy agreement

  • Legal Advice on your current tenant or landlord issue

  • One-off drafts of Legal Documents and letters

  • Help with agreements or designing a specialist agreement for your needs

  • How does the Law applies to you and your business

  • Assistance with the Eviction of a tenant

  • Assistance to a tenant after receiving an eviction or vacation notice

  • Lodging a money claim

  • Handling damages and complaints

  • Conflict Resolution Coaching

  • Professional Mediation Services

  • Specialist Debt Recovery 

  • Tracing a company or person 

  • Investigation services

Here to support you when issues arise, giving you the time to continue running your business.


If you lease one or multiple residential or business / commercial properties we can help you with bespoke packages just for your business. For the larger businesses, we can offer to work on a retainer to keep prices cost effective for you. 

Please call the office or drop us an email to discuss, with no obligation on how we can help you with your business or current legal problems.

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