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Katie Baker 

Senior Consultant

Katie is an unregistered Barrister and was called to the Bar on the 24th of November 2021 to Middle Temple, and she is the Head of Family and Educational Law at Totally ADR. Katie believes strongly in client care and the ability to build strong working relationships; the best interests of her clients are at the heart of everything she does.

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About Katie

Care Proceedings

Katie started, with a passion for care proceedings, working as a Court Clerk at East London Family Court, where she gained knowledge of the procedures surrounding applications and hearings with respect to children being placed into the Care system. Katie further expanded her knowledge working with Stoke Local Authority as a Paralegal, specialising in Care Proceedings and assisting either the allocated Solicitor or Barristers. Katie has first-hand experience of handling complex aspects of proceedings, and has handled matters including non-accidental injury to a child, children being placed into care, and deprivation of liberty. Katie is renowned for her detailed note-taking as well as her methodology in resolving complex disputes.

Child Maintenance Tribunals

Katie is one of the few who specialise in advocacy before the CMS Tribunals. Katie has vast experience in representing and assisting clients as a Tribunal Advocate and handles matters pertaining to Mandatory Reconsideration, Regulation 50 Appeals, and Appeals against Liability Orders. Katie's most notable case was representing a father who was the Respondent to an appeal by the mother and CMS for Mandatory Reconsideration. Katie successfully defended the father, ensuring that the adjustment of the earnings order did not affect his company or income, to the CMS Higher Freehold. Katie has a robust approach and does not fear advocating for her clients who are in difficult situations. 

Education Law

Katie is one of a few Legal Consultants who handle disputes between educational authorities, schools, and higher education institutions. Katie has been instructed on numerous matters, including appeals on behalf of excluded pupils against a secondary school, before both governors and tribunals. She has experience in handling students with all ranges of special educational needs and learning disabilities, as well as those with behavioural issues within school. Katie has been vastly successful in helping families and teachers raise disputes with their local establishment. Katie’s most memorable case was assisting a 12-year-old student to revoke a permanent exclusion from their secondary school, after being accused of homophobic behaviour. Katie successfully argued to the tribunal that being expelled was a breach of the family's right to private life. 

Family Law

Katie has over seven years’ experience in Family Law, with a niche specialism in complex disputes pertaining to parental alienation, domestic abuse, and financial remedy disputes. She regularly works with clients as a Professional McKenzie Friend with matters falling under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, the Children's Act 1989, and the Family Law Act 1996.


Katie is frequently granted rights of audience, and represents clients in a wide variety of matters, including complicated fact-finding hearings, and child relocation cases. She is known by her clients and the Courts as being a well-prepped professional, whose question preparation is second to none! Both Katie’s clients and other professionals have hailed her detailed note-taking abilities and her skills in trying to resolve disputes within Family Law. 

Katie has assisted clients at all levels of Court and is well-versed in going up against more senior counsel. During her time at Totally ADR, Katie has handled complex financial remedy disputes, including a dispute between four family members with respect to international finances and property, gaining favourable results for her client against three senior barristers.  Within Children’s Act proceedings and proceedings relating to domestic abuse, Katie goes above and beyond for her clients, who all comment on her ability to support accommodate their needs not just legally, but also emotionally. 

As the head of Family and Education Law at Totally ADR, Katie is responsible for all aspects of our Family Law practice and is dedicated to ensuring our clients get the best support possible. 

Landlord and Tenancy Dispute

Katie is currently able to take minimal instructions with respect to Landlord and Tenant Disputes, due to her ongoing practice. However, as a Lay Advocate, she has built a formidable approach in assisting clients needing advice on Civil Practice Directions, and in presenting cases within Judges’ chambers. Katie is able to take instructions on simple evictions and contract disputes.


Katie is also a Hunt ADR Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator and is currently training to become a CMC Registered Mediator. She is able to take instructions as a Junior Mediator on all Civil and Commercial claims. Katie's practice of mediation is founded in resolving disputes in an orderly and non-contentious way, whilst addressing all necessary legal issues. She is currently expanding her practice within the field of Dispute Resolution. 

Small Claims

Katie has a small practice in Small Claims and assists both claimants and defendants. She is able to represent clients as a Lay Advocate in claims of up to £10,000, and is regularly instructed on matters pertaining to Contract and Tort Law disputes. Her practice revolves around resolving disputes and using the skills she acquired as a Mediator to settle disputes before reaching the courtroom. 

Legal Education

2018 - 2021

The University of Law, London Bloomsbury

LLM: Bar Professional Training Course 

2017 - 2018

The University of Law, London Moorgate

Graduate Diploma in Law 


Hunt ADR

CMC accredited Diploma in Civil & Commercial Mediation. 

Awards & Accreditations 

Katie has a number of awards and accreditation's with respect to her practice


Middle Temple, Joseph Jackson Scholarship £10,750 University of Law, Advocacy Scholarship £2,500 Innovation and Excellence Awards, Family Law Unregistered Barrister of the year 2022

Court Experience

Represent clients in family Law matters, with a specialist niche in complex disputes pertaining to parental alienation, domestic abuse, and financial remedy disputes. I regularly work with clients as a Professional McKenzie Friend with Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 , Children's Act 1989, and Family Law Act 1996 matters.


Called to the Bar 


Barrister Status 

Unregistered Barrister 

(Estimated Pupillage Start Date January 2023)

Civil Mediation Council

Associate Member 

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