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Education Law

What is Education Law

Whether you are a student, parent or education professional, if you are concerned about the way you or a child have been treated by an educational institution, getting expert legal assistance can make a real difference.


Education law is a highly complicated area, so, when there is the need to challenge an academic institution, it is common to feel confused about your or your child’s rights, the process for raising an issue and the potential outcomes.


At Totally ADR Ltd, we have exceptional specialist expertise in advising clients facing a variety of education law challenges. We can assist with any education law issue that a child, parent or student faces.  Our team also regularly advises educational professionals, including teachers in schools and college, and university lecturers

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What Education Law Includes

Our education law expertise covers the full breadth of education law and includes:

  • Schools and Children

  • Special Educational Needs

  • School Exclusions

  • School Complaints

  • School Admissions

  • Disputes against Independent Schools

  • Discrimination

  • Negligence

  • Bullying including Cyber Bullying

Further and Higher Education Law

  • Academic Misconduct

  • Disciplinary Issues

  • Academic Failure

  • Plagiarism

  • Degree Classification issues

  • Problems with PhD

  • Complaints to the OIA

  • Breach of Contract

  • Negligence

  • Discrimination

  • Fitness to Practise

  • University Fee Issues

  • International Students

Our Aim & Goal

Our aim is to give you clarity over where you stand, whether you have grounds for a challenge, and the likelihood of securing the outcome you want to see. Our education law advisors can then provide step-by-step guidance through every stage of raising an issue.


Wherever possible, we will seek to agree a positive solution amicably with the educational institution in question. However, in cases where this is not possible, we are willing and able to take robust action to ensure your rights or those of your child are protected.


We offer a fixed fee initial consultation with our team to discuss your needs and see how we can help. We then charge for our services on a fixed fee basis, providing certainty over the costs involved.


For expert help with any aspect of education law for individuals, please contact our education law consultant on 01227 913852 or email


Please note: we are only able to take on cases on a privately paying basis. If you are unable to privately fund your case or you looking for general guidance on what actions you can take to protect you or your child’s education rights, you can refer to the Education section of the Citizens Advice website.

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