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Aksa Iqbal

Associate Consultant

Aksa is a Trainee Family Law Specialist working under the guidance of Totally ADR Ltd. She is currently studying for her Degree in Law at the University of Birmingham alongside working for Totally ADR Ltd on a freelance basis. 

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About Aksa

Family Law

Aksa regularly assists clients throughout Kent & Sussex area within their Family Law disputes. He his verse to the Family Court once being a Litigant himself within his own case. She has a background in assisting both mothers and fathers as a Professional McKenzie Friend within Child Contact Case (Children Act 1989) and Non-Molestation and Occupation Order cases (Family Law Act 1996). She also has a growing practice in Divorce and Financial Remedy and is able to take instructions with respect to both matters.

Legal Education

2020 - 2023

University of Birmingham 

Bachelors of Law with Honors. 


Aksa has a number of awards and accreditation's with respect to her practice


Aksa is currently training to become a Professional McKenzie Friend.

Court Experience

Aksa has minimal Court experience but is verse in paperwork drafting. 


Civil Mediation Council

Student Member

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